Electronic Printing

Every purchase | Earn e-Stamps

E-Stamp Card

E-Stamp Card

Electronic Print Storage

In our Membership App, you'll get an e-stamp for every purchase you make.
These prints are automatically saved to your member account for you to view and use at any time.

Simple and easy to use

No need for traditional paper printed cards, everything is digitized.
Each time you make a purchase, the corresponding e-stamp will be automatically added to your account without any additional action.

Real-time progress tracking

With the App, you can instantly check the progress of your stamp collection and see how close you are to your next reward.

Benefits of Electronic Printing

Value-added Consumer Experience

Each purchase not only satisfies your shopping needs, but also brings you additional stamp rewards to enrich the shopping experience.

Award Redemption

After accumulating enough e-stamps, you can easily redeem them for discounts, merchandise or other rewards in the app, boosting member loyalty and satisfaction.

Green Choice

The use of electronic printing reduces the use of paper and is a more environmentally friendly option.